Caroline was her name

Caroline was the girlfriend of  Elmer in the time he lived and worked in Los Angeles as a Dutch flower salesman A violent care accident  ended this hectic period of his live. Caroline stayed on his side in the hospitals in California and later moved also to Holland  to stand him by in the rehab center in Amsterdam.

An ode to this sweet girl.

High quality print on canvas in a limited edition signed by Elmer Kouwenberg. This impressing 80 x 80 canvas is available with a frame (black or white) or without but 4 cm thick with the canvas stretched  over the base frame. This makes it an robust impressing piece of art on your wall.

Right now the original artwork is available as a print of 80 x 80 cm in a limited edition of 5. You can buy them on Spui art marked in the center of Amsterdam were I am every Sunday. Or you can send me an message on this website.



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